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Who is Adrian?

Adrian is the “Smartest Man in Rock ‘n’ Roll” but his motto is “Never let your brains get in the way of a good song.”  Born in Chicago, Illinois, he has played in Midwestern rock bands since he was twelve years old.  Following his graduation from the University of Illinois he moved to Oregon and graduated from Oregon Health and Sciences University in December 2008.  He believes that the congenial climate (both musical and meteorological) here in the Northwest has improved his quality of life and this is reflected in the harmonies in the songs and lyrics that are more upbeat than ones he’s written previously.  Adrian currently plays with the local band Against Musical Advice (http://www.myspace.com/amatheband) and is currently rehearsing a band that will focus on his solo material.

His songs range from rockers to ballads, from hard driving rock to jazz.  His debut CD, The Nuclear Family, will be released by Hancock Street Records on 16 November 2009.  Ask for it at your local independent record store!